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So yeah…

Today I went to the SherlockNYC Frankenstein meet-up. I had stayed at my friend’s house the night before and she is really Uptown, so we took the A down to NYU. Little old me was waddling around at our stop to get up to NYU in my “I Am SHERlocked” tee and with my two over-the-shoulder bags thrown criss-cross across my chest making my chest look like some kind of all alien creature. Now, mess-of-a-human-being-me notices someone that looks a little too familiar for comfort in New York City. He was just a fraction taller than myself, strolling by in simple jeans, a white tee, and black shades…and suddenly, my face went flush and I needed to get out from the platform and in to the air as soon as possible because I had just walked by BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH! Me. My disgusting self today in my retarded shirt.

I sped-walked away from our passing and then bolted a few shops away from the subway stop before my friends caught up with me and asked me what was wrong. I felt nauseous, horrified and humiliated. I started stammering at them. How could they not have seen him?! I thought to myself. They commented on his friend but had not really taken notice to him. “I would know those cheekbones a mile away!” I said, shocked that they didn’t seem to believe me. They tried calming me down but I suddenly needed to sit down so we hailed a cab and rode up to our brunch with me freaking out by the window—chanting like a maniac that I had to be right. My friends didn’t understand why a man like Benedict would take that subway and we ended up thinking of all the possible reasons why it was not him. 

Finally, after much convincing, I was led to believe that I hadn’t actually seen Mr. Cumberbatch, but simply a man that shared a striking resemblance to him. Nonetheless, I did not tell a soul at the event for fear of making everyone extremely giddy about a possibly-local-Cumberbatch. 

After a long day, I had settled on the train home and cracked open a book to soak up the time…when I received a most interesting message from one of the Staff at SNYC which basically read: “Holy crap, Christine. You DID see him. He went to Coney Island today!”

I paused.


Are there pictures? I texted back, to which I received an image in response.

To say it simply enough: I lost it. 

Suddenly, all the emotions from before came flooding back and I didn’t know which end was up, down, or sideways anymore. He was in fact wearing what I had seen. I had been right all along.

Guys…I unintentionally bumped in to Benedict Cumberbatch today. Something that I only thought would happen to me in England happened to me in my hometown and it was my own and it was magical while completely embarrassing all at the same time. 

Of course, the moral of this story is: I saw Benedict Cumberbatch and I ran AWAY?!

I’m so STUPID!

By the way…unexpected Cumberbatch? 

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