I’m exhausted—worn out. And all I want to do is sleep for a week. But I can’t because I have to work all day tomorrow. And I stayed up this late. But luckily I took my pain meds so I am more likely to pass out in the next second
But I am in serious need of vacation time…and I only just got back fron vacation

❝ he inhaled his scent. he smelled of (ingredient 1), (ingredient 2) and something undefinable, that was uniquely (name of buttsex partner) ❞
- every single fanfiction uploaded in the last two years oh my god  (via brood-of-froods)

My real-life sexual partner smells of 1) Biolage shampoo, 2) her perfume of choice that day, and 3) something that is essentially HER and not like anything else.

Maybe the reason that you SEE this so often in fanfics (which people create for you on their own time for FREE), is because it is actually something that is part of ACTUAL INTIMACY for many people.

Posts like this can not only take away from the enjoyment that some people get from fanfics, they can actively discourage others from writing (or continuing to write).

I get that it was probably not the point of the post, but do remember that you are paying exactly nothing for hours and hours worth of material you then hold up for criticism this way.

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I believe I’m one of the very few Spirk shippers in this fandom who actually think Kirk and Spock weren’t undressing each other yet in The Original Series. Before you grab your torch and pitchforks, let me explain my personal headcanon:

They met. They worked together. They went on crazy-ass…

All pink and yellow.

Sometimes it’s okay to give yourself a pat on the back and say “That was cool. That made me feel good”

"Fashion hasn’t always played a central part in my life. I went to an all-girls school with uniforms for eleven years so it was certainly a lack of fashion in my world… I came into it after college."