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"Lets meet a half hour before class," scene partner said. "I will totally be there," scene partner said.

A man’s skill is defined by his actions, not the markings on his robes.









Yeah, ok, that is not the face of someone who is not even a little bit afraid or turned on. That is the face of someone who is genuinely uncomfortable/a little afraid of the one who did the growling.

I noticed that too. And then he looks down and away in dismay and just generally uncomfortable. I felt so bad for him in that moment.

Exactly. He’s not ok with the way Malia acts - the sneaking into his room, hurting him, making him cuddle in a way he doesn’t want to, etc - and here he’s outright afraid of her. He doesn’t even reprimand her, like you shouldn’t growl in public or something. He shuts his mouth, looks away and even kind of hunches in on himself. You know what that body language reminds me of - someone who is in an abusive relationship. Or at least someone who is even subconsciously if not very consciously afraid of their partner.

I’ve been saying that I think Stiles views Malia as a little more than a misbehaving puppy on a good day but he’s trying to convince himself she’s not that different from him so he can get himself to respond correctly to her needs - you know, being her boyfriend and all that jazz. I think it’s pretty obvious now that he is not half as into her as she seems to be into him. Which is partly why I think he goes to kiss her after she shows a trait similar to his - with the red string (also because he doesn’t want to be thinking about someone else *coughDerekcough*).

But this moment here - tis is Stiles showing he knows that the misbehaving puppy has a pretty big bite and he may be the one to, ahem, bite it if he’s not careful around her.

Agreed — this is the same kid who used to aggressively repeat “I’m not afraid of you.” (Of course, that was almost always a lie but the point was he didn’t want to show fear.) This is deliberate by the show, showing the viewer that Stiles is trying and smiling at her like normal but keeps being taken aback by her actual aggressive personality. She’s unpredictable, and that bothers him.

I think it’s her lack of humanity, he can’t seem to get a read on her, he has no issue being a sarcastic shit to people who have the ability to cause him harm, Derek, Peter, Matt, and that has nothing to do with him secret being in love with them. It has everything to do with Stiles being exceedingly perceptive, he knows he can push at them without direct danger to himself, but Malia she’s outside his mental models of people, he just can’t know what or how she will react to things.

This is actually really interesting because that means he is having the same reaction to her as hopefully the majority of the audience is.  We can’t get a good reading on her either.  Is she just a confused coyote with malfunctioning powers?  Is she to be trusted?  She has her freaking adorable moments and really likeable moments, but then she has her odd moments.  I think I’m starting to understand why Stiles is subjecting himself to this relationship when he clearly doesn’t want it.  I think he mostly views Malia as his way to redeem himself.  She’s his project.  He likes her but he just can’t read her or connect to her emotionally.  And I think he may have his suspicions about her but would he even trust himself after the whole Nogitsune possession?  Hopefully that made sense as I haven’t been to bed yet. :P

And we know, from Stiles and Derek’s meeting in the squad car, and the alpha in the locked room, Stiles confronts things he’s afraid of. So, just because he isn’t flinching doesn’t mean he’s not worried, and he may feel responsible due to being the reason she’s out of the woods. So, keeping tabs on her may feel like something he’s got to do, but he’s well aware of his human fragility.

His reaction reminds me of just one thing: The scene in Party Guessed, when he see’s the Sheriff publicly blaming and shaming him for his mother’s death. That’s the time he shut up and shut down. And he’s doing the same thing here.

Malia’s damaging him. Just like Kate. Just like Jennifer.

i don’t know why we are going after a beta when there’s an alpha on the field.

You’re the one Arthur should knight

I’m still in love with you, Izumi